Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Slower Pace But Not Without Hiccups

After yesterday's long day, we wisely opted to commit to only one event. We reserved spots on the Greenwood Cemetery tour for 1pm and planned to take the morning off, have some lunch and then enjoy the tour. [Rated #2 thing to do in Brooklyn!] Tim went out to explore the neighborhood a bit this morning. My back needed the rest so I was tasked with finding a lunch spot. 

Urban Spoon's map showed a plethora of eating establishments, including a Cuban place. No problem, I thought. We will be falling all over restaurants. 

Or not.

Indeed this area was rather, well, transitional. Hadn't quite gentrified like some of the other parts of Brooklyn yet meaning those restaurants were generally very bodega-esque. After walking several blocks and finding next to nothing offering tables for five, we went to one of the only two places we encountered. As soon as we sat down, it was clear we had made a mistake.

It was run by a sweet Greek man who had a menu of 1,000 items. Morrigan, smartly, chose not to eat. Maggie and E had pancakes. Tim ordered a philly cheese steak which, I kid you not, was made with steak-umms. My wrap, with a side of cafeteria style fries, was not much better. It just sucked to be in New York and waste a meal that way. I have solved the problem by abdicating all responsibility to Tim, who really is much better at finding things to do and places to eat.

But the day was not lost! The cemetery tour was great.

Our guide, who was very Brooklyn, was full of fun facts and history of the area. Not to mention entertaining - Maggie said what a short tour it was when it was over in spite of the 2+ hours we were there. Even E enjoyed it. Highly recommended.

Some of the older tombs were very elaborate and beautiful. This was for a girl who died at the age of 17 in the 1800's.

The angel of death, Azrael

People back in the day, prior to the creation of Central Park, apparently bought plots and then would hang out there while they were alive. Some would even store lawn chairs in their crypts and bring a picnic.

They even have a flock of monk parakeets who escaped from an in bound shipment and have lived there for years.

We didn't accomplish much today but everyone had fun and came home with smiles on their faces. Success.

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