Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sometimes, My Timing Is Just Right

The McK cheering squad

This weekend was the Blue Ridge Marathon. Billed as the toughest road marathon in the country, I was clearly not running it. But as it is a big event for our fair city, I felt we should support it.  Many peeps had water and cheering stations set up but honestly, I just wasn't organized enough to glom onto one. That and I am a fair weather cheerer. Rain, cold, too hot all rank among the reasons I could be (quite easily) talked out of watching. It is a big event but they are out there voluntarily. And I hate the rain.

But Saturday was a lovely day and the full marathon route came about a half mile from our house. Feeling lazy, we just walked up the street and commenced to cheering. Eion was our most enthusiastic, jumping up and down, yelling "Keep running!" 

Our lack of planning found us without seats, refreshments and mates. Oops. But the fates smiled on us. During our hour-ish session, four of friends who were running came by. We couldn't have "planned" it any better!
Hans, looking much too happy for mile 19.

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