Monday, May 20, 2013

Eion's 1st Grade Year

Sometime in the last week, the 1st graders filled out sheets entitled "Check Me Out" and "My School Year Memories." As ever, these uncensored moments when the kids say what they really feel are some of my very favorites.

Some were predictable and sweet. His favorite teacher? Ms. Witten, his 1st grade teacher. (Who is the bomb incidentally.) His best friend? Who else could it be besides Cooper. Favorite food? Ice cream and meat (though spelled meet) which makes his indication that spelling was one of his favorite parts of school entirely suspect.

Then there were the funny and surprising answers. In the category of The Best Book I Read and Some of My Favorite Books, the response both times was simply the terse, "no book." Not even entertaining that one with a full sentence. Shocking to me was that twice Math was listed as both a favorite subject and a favorite part of school. I really never cared for Math. As if we needed more proof he is wired differently than me.

But what I'm struggling with the most are two other answers. I'm Most Proud Of had the response of 100%/A+. Write about what made this school year special for you had the reply of "grades and testing."

Huh. Those seemed so robotic, sterilized, and lacking in joy that it made my heart hurt. That was all school was - scores and tests. Checking a box. Meeting the defined numerical goal. Tim thinks I took it too hard, that this was more an expression of how he was proud to have done well, that he had proven himself a smart kid. Maybe we'll go with that. After all, the picture he drew representing himself at school did have a big smile.

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