Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Let's Work Our Way Back, K?

I have been writing post for y'all for days and days in my head. Sadly, my direct from brain to blog delivery system is quite lacking which means I have actually written squaduch. So we'll work out way back over the past week-ish....

These end of school days are packed with festivities, more often than not sucking me in and squandering my last few productive days before summer. I am writing now after being excused from the middle school awards ceremony. Initially, Morrigan did request my attendance, but really only so she could leave early. Upon discovering that she would be getting dragged to lunch (yeah Hole In The Wall!) and to her brother's end of year party, she was much less interested in having me there. I did get to visit her school to clear up incorrect charges on her student account, AGAIN. This time I have the number to the office that can just block her number so we don't have to go through this.

So yesterday. Summer weather (finally) has arrived! Morrigan had been pre-approved to skip school as they were going on an all day field trip to Staunton. Her point was that 1) none of her friends were going (which may or may not have been true - I know one stayed home,) 2) They would spend more time travelling than they would at the destination, and 3) she went to this exact same location last year. Eion, hearing she was released, felt it only fair he skip as well. Call me a softie, but I kept him out too on the condition that he would have to attend the Highland Park field day with me.

Field day was great. It was a good, old fashioned tug of war, foot races and kickball kind of day. E happily joined in and we all had a great time.

Eion was willing to tug with all.

She came in third but is was a heat of all boys.

Since both her siblings were out of school, once field day was over, Maggie rightfully felt she should join them. Her teachers were down with it and we went to the pool. We had forgotten that it was the 4th grade North Cross party at the pool but were pleasantly surprised to find Maggie's friend Margaret there in the middle of the day.

Later that afternoon I went upstairs to see if Maggie wanted some dinner only to find her completely sacked at 6:30pm. We did have a long day of goofing off.

Memorial Day was a pool day too. It was sunny and just warm enough to be perfect. The Club did an excellent job of making it a festive party with an inflatable slide, a dj, free Homestead Creamery ice cream and fun extras like boat races.

Scoping out sodas for the all important dive.

Maggie was stoked another friend had joined for the summer.

While the pool was open all weekend, Monday was our first venture out. It just hadn't been warm enough. We did however, make a trip to Festival in the Park. It wasn't on my radar until I heard the music - at my house. I initially thought someone was having a rocking party but came to realize it was the live bands who were several miles away yet quite easy to hear on our deck. It was worse down the mountain where you could hear so well you could sing along. 

My goals were modest. Eion needed to stop playing xbox for a bit and Morrigan needed to leave her bed. These simple goals were met. Granted, it was at the price of being immersed in this:

It is inviting, no?


But you know, the kids thought it was great. Morrigan bought some jewelry. Eion had not one, but two over priced lemonades and dominated the bounce houses, including the one that was clearly marked for 5 and under.

He did not feel that meant him.

Which brings us back to Friday. The many illnesses plaguing my children passed quickly. After yakking at school, E was pretty much 100%. In an unusual move, we put both girls on antibiotics and either because of or in spite of them, they were much improved by the following day. 

We're good now, right? I'll check back in after the 1st grade party. Or more correctly, sometime this evening. I'm pulling all the kids out early to go to the pool again. 

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