Friday, May 3, 2013


A mere one day after calling my gardening shot, I was distracted by another, and significantly less important, area. We have a space a few feet wide between our staircase to the street and the neighbor's property line. This area is difficult to manage, quite steep, and not particularly rewarding. Consequently, it is always a mess and full of weeds. But thinking I shouldn't dig holes for bushes on the peninsula, cleaning it out seemed a fine idea for the morning. [Don't judge these pics too harshly. You wouldn't want to keep this up either.]

The flattest area by the street seemed a great place to start. It was covered by the most despicable of ground cover, monkey grass. You know, I thought, I am ripping that stuff out today. I've hated it for ten years and today, it will be no more.

Behold, the plant of Satan.

Fast forward over four hours of back breaking labor and I had gotten almost no where. I did carry endless buckets of that damnable plant down the stairs to rejoin the earth in the wilder area of our yard.

See that not so big area of mulch? Four hours. I'm not kidding.

You want to know the best part? Those other pictures, they are after pics. All that ivy, the thorny bush and those weeds on that rather nasty incline still await. Not to mention ripping out the ivy that is climbing up and killing the trees. We'll file this idea away under brilliant.

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