Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Remains of the Weekend

And you thought that Fun Day was all we had going on! Saturday afternoon, our friends Molly & Webb had their annual Derby party. I was very much tired of my hats from years past and purchased a new one on ebay.

It was a bit of a juggling act this year to get there. Tim was working so I was solo. Morrigan was babysitting for another family and I needed to drop her off there at 3:45. Maggie had her piano recital practice at 4. So no problem there, crop off one on the way to the other's destination. Maggie's piano teacher, who lives within walking distance, had already offered to drive her home. 

Oh but Eion.

Hmmm. Does it make me a bad Mom to leave E playing xbox for a few hours in the afternoon alone? Before you answer, don't bother because I decided it did not! As I was only 5 minutes away, I concluded this would all work to plan.

The party was lovely as always. I was a bit worried that Maggie never called to announce her return home, but it turned out she had just forgotten. Free range parenting forever!

Sunday was Maggie's piano recital. The girls had their tennis lesson before so we were all set to go to the Club, have the lesson, get ready there and go directly to the recital. We headed out to the Suburban, turned the key and click. The engine was completely dead. The good news: we have three cars. The bad news: the Jeep had the top off and it was a pretty chilly day. 

Seeing no other alternative, we got in the Jeep, prayed the rain would hold off, and covered ourselves in blankets, olden days style! We were a little cold and windblown, but it all worked out.

Maggie played beautifully, really better than anytime I heard her practicing at home. She looked lovely and proud of herself. And the rain waited until we were home. A pretty good weekend all in all.

[The video for all those who need to see it!]

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