Friday, May 24, 2013

So How's Your Friday?

Friday, in theory:

  • Take E to school. 
  • Drop Maggie and Morrigan off at Highland where M1 would help out and M2 would enjoy. 
  • Quick workout. 
  • Make my way over to Highland to help myself. 
  • Lunch with the Dive Lunch Bunch.
  • Pick up kids.
  • Make the chicken I thawed out the night before.
  • Enjoy picture perfect day!

Friday, in practice:

  • Wake up Maggie. Discover she sounds like a 90 year old smoker and looks like shit to boot. She's staying home.
  • Wake up Eion. 
  • Wake up Morrigan. While in tears, she also hacks up up a lung. Two kids down.
  • Discover chicken was left on the counter overnight and is room temperature.
  • Bail on the people at Highland for Fun Day.
  • Tell Eion that he is lying about his stomach hurting because he wants to stay home with his sisters.
  • Drop off E.
  • Have quick workout interrupted by call from school - Eion has vomited all over the classroom.
  • Pick up Eion who, while reeking of puke, seems to be in fine spirits and requests we listen to Shoot to Thrill in the car.
  • Car is completely dead.
  • Restrain self from swearing.
  • Call Jerry for a jump. Luckily, he immediately identified the problem (loose battery terminals) and got me on my way.
  • Drop E at home.
  • Run to the store to get some sprite for the sickos.
  • Return to find Maggie dressed and ready to go to school. Force self evaluation in which she, sobbing, admits she doesn't feel any better but really is sad about missing Fun Day.
  • Have the preceding episode soundtracked by Eion singing Shoot to Thrill at the top of his lungs. 
  • Realize with great sadness that cocktails are wholly inappropriate at 10:30am.

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