Thursday, May 2, 2013

To the Garden, and Beyond!

We've been in this house for ten years this fall. And those ten years were busy ones - by our second year here, we had three kids under the age of four. Gardening really got as little of my time as I could get away with. As we are on a cul de sac, few people ever saw our yard anyway. Add that to the multitude of indoor projects (two bathrooms, a kitchen, family room, basement and last but not least, laundry room,) that all were more important than our yard, and you can see how it just got over looked.

But having finished with the indoor, I need a project. Seeing as moving, which would have kept me quite busy, doesn't seem like it will work out anytime soon, that leaves the garden. Our yard, while seemingly not very large, is really a strange place to maintain. We have a tiny front yard, a small flat area in the back, then a large not-at-all-flat back area, slopey sides and what we call The Peninsula.

It is a deceptively large strip along the road. When we moved in, it had some trees that were struggling due to a fungus, and a few thorny, fast-growing shrubs. We ripped it all out, added some Japanese dwarf maples and planted daffodils with the anticipation of filling in the blank spots as we went along. Then came Eion and a decade of paralysis by indecision.

But no more! I've set my sights on it and plan to improve it this Spring. Here's some before shots to give you an idea of what we're working with here.

The roof is due to be replaced Tuesday - not a moment too soon.

Wow lady. That's a lot of mulch.

Those "dwarf" trees are only eight years old. 
Maybe we need to start a tree farm of the darn things.

It's no Hell Strip, but the task has been overwhelming until now. (That and I really prefer to spend my summer days at the pool.) After all the years of thought, we're going with a solid plan of "winging it." We're going to start planting and stop when it seems done. How could it go wrong?

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