Saturday, June 29, 2013

App Attack!

This week was the first camp of the summer. The local community college has a whole bunch of technology based camps. They were so interesting sounding that when Eion discovered he was not old enough this year, he refused to go to any other camps. It was a common theme among the parents at pick up. We all had kids who didn't care for sports camps or weren't particularly outdoorsy and were thrilled that these were an option.

Maggie chose the App Attack camp at which you, as hinted at by the name, design your own app. They employed some end user software and all the kids made games that were Angry Birds-esque. You can click here to play Maggie's game! If you find yourself without gaming time, you can enjoy these screen shots instead.

Naturally, it was cat themed and indeed called Cat Game.

You fling cat heads at mice and try to destroy them. 

Last night we had a family competition to see who could get the high score. There was some controversy, but we think Maggie won. Considering she knew where all the extra points were, it makes sense.

Anyway, if you are in the Roanoke area, these camps are highly recommended. Morrigan is taking video game animation in August so we'll have a review of that one then.

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  1. cool!! i am going to see if I can still get Jack in one. he would love that!