Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Brought to You by Summer - The First Swim Meet

It is summer and it was Monday which can only mean one thing, swim meets.The weather was dicey all day and all of us were wondering if this was going to be postponed. Before we left, I looked at the radar and became convinced there was going to be a break in the showers and it would all work out. It did and we had some rainbows to boot!

We were at Hunting Hills CC last night, which is lovely because then I know everyone from all the teams! Maggie aged up this year to the 9-10 year old division, which brings with it the switch to all 50 meter+ races. Any concern over how she would fare was unfounded. Nine months off swimming seems to have done her well.

In the 50 backstroke she placed 1st silver (4th overall for her age group.) She made the flip turn and generally rocked it!

Her other race was the 50 freestyle. She won her heat and came in 2nd silver overall. 

As far as I can figure, she has finally figured out how to race. In years past, she would do well but her speed was the same as every lap she swam at practice. All of a sudden, she managed to turn on race mode. 

Eion's first race was the 25 backstroke. In his nine months off, he has discovered how to swim without it resembling drowning. He was legal for the very first time in this stroke. That only took three years.

He was 5th place bronze which means he got a point, the very first in his swim team career. Go E!

The 25 freestyle looked great too. He was 8th bronze BUT didn't come in last for (I am pretty sure) the first time. Babysteps people.

No drowning here!

While the racing was great and all, both kids really enjoyed socializing. Maggie, a quite civilized kind.

And Eion, who joined a pack of wild little boys in some sort of Fight Club/Lord of the Flies demonstration on the lawn. No pictures. I didn't want to be known as the Mom who noticed they were all trying to kill each other and didn't put a stop to it.

Now it feels like summer.

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