Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Just Guess What This Post is About!

You know they'll be some swimming. But before that....

I have time on my hands to blog as Maggie is at App Attack camp. The local community college has this camp where you learn to program your own app. At first, she planned to make it free, so she could download it. But capitalism got the better of her and she decided to make it $0.99, as she felt people really liked cheap games. Despite seeming a bit shy at drop off yesterday, she was all smiles at pickup and seems to be enjoying herself.

Me, I should be more productive. But I find myself on day 5 bazillion and 3 of lower back pain. I've reached the point where I am one step away from witch doctors. Seriously, some commenter on a blog about SI joint pain said that being gluten free helped them and I'm all like, "Yeah! To hell with bread!" Incidentally, not working so much, leaving me to find something else to throw against the wall and see if that works.

The upside being I am available to regale you with tales of last night's swim meet.

We were at Stonegate last night who has a HUGE team and is all the way across town. In contrast to last year, we didn't get lost either going there or coming home. Not in contrast to last year, we were delayed by thunderstorms. But after about an hour wait, we were underway.

Eion first swam the 25 breaststroke. Another first for him - legal all the way. And with some freestyle rapping before the race to boot.

His next race was the 100IM. For all you non swimmers out there, that is 25 (one length of the pool) of each of the 4 strokes. That's a pretty long way for my little guy. But he rocked it out and was legal! Granted, he was last in both races but we're making progress. All disappointment was quickly counteracted by the discovery that the bake sale was having a liquidation - four treats for a dollar!

For Maggie, it was the 50 breast and 100IM, her two favorite events. She tied for 5th silver in the breast and we bailed before the IM scores were up. I think her night is best seen rather than read.

Behold, the happiest swimmer ever!

I love breaststroke!

This last picture kills me. She is so mature all the time that I forget she's still a little girl. The babyface is so clear here.

Morrigan opted to stay home as it was an away meet. She's always there to help at RCC meets but when we are away, the other teams don't think she is old enough to work. I was glad she did since her friend called for a sleepover and I later saw this:

Great day for everyone.

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  1. witch doctor = chiropractor?? imo, has GOT to be more effective than gluten-free for back pain.

    love the photos!! and so awesome for E. Worth the thunder delays!