Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mondays Are All Wet

As any regular reader knows, Mondays in the summer are always swim meet Mondays, yesterday being no exception. It was a hectic meet for me as I was training to be the lead computer person, responsible for entering times and creating result sheets. I'm pretty well suited to the task and the evening went remarkably quickly. The next time, I won't have the pro with me so we'll see if I am feeling as positive then.

This meet had all my kids' least favorite races. It was 50 free and 25 fly for Eion and the 100 free and 50 fly for Maggie. Yuck. But they toughed it out. Poor E failed to earn points, much to his dismay, but completed both races and was legal in butterfly for the first time.

It wasn't pretty, but it was legal.

Maggie was 6th silver in the freestyle and 3rd silver in butterfly. Considering all her races doubled this year and these are her least favorites, she's doing pretty well.

Morrigan was helpful as ever and worked the bake sale the entire night. In spite of her willingness to step up in such situations, we've been struggling with her a bit. Once summer hit, she reduced her physical activity from little to essentially none. She's more than happy to hole up in her room and read or watch Netflix all day. Taking away the electronics doesn't do much, she'll just read. Granted, one of the things she's reading is The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, if only to spite an adult who said she wouldn't be able to, but the girl needs to get out. One hates to tell her to stop reading so much but it might just be what we have to do.

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