Monday, June 3, 2013

Now It's Summer

We've moved into full summer mode. Personally, I went to sleep at 8:15 last night and got in a good 11 hours of sleep. The kids have all started staying in bed later too. Delicious.

But we won't neglect the last moments of the school year here. That would be E's end of the year party. I don't know why I go to these stupid things. Eion always gets belligerent and refuses to participate in anything leaving me frustrated and embarrassed. And he didn't disappoint this time either.

Coaxing from his substitute teacher got him to play with the bubbles.

Next up: more skulking.

But he quickly reverted back to his more obstinate state. Luckily, Mrs. Witten, his regular teacher, was also on hand and took him aside to hang out. 

The woman is truly a miracle worker. He still didn't play the games or anything but he was happy. I wish we could clone her and have her teach E for the duration of his academic career. Sadly, we have to roll the dice with new teachers in 2nd grade and break them all in.

After the party, we pulled Morrigan out of school early, interrupting some game in math class, to hit the pool. The school system may have decided that the kids need to continue to go to school that week, even though they were doing nothing, but I didn't have to comply.

Then it was The Day, the last day of school! 

After last year's debacle, Amy and I had more of a nudgenudge winkwink kind of surprise for the girls when they got off the bus (as opposed to last year's honest to goodness surprise, culminating in many tears.) We laid in wait with water guns only to find they had planned their own surprise: after they exited the bus, they ripped off their clothes, revealing bathing suits they had worn all day. 

Which was really smart. I ended up soaked! Just to make sure things didn't go too smoothly, E ended up in tears this year, angry he got wet at a water gun fight. Next year, I'm crying.

Regrettably for my children, I had scheduled their dentist appointments for the last day of school. Oops. So we had to dry off and go to get teeth cleaned.

The report cards glowed with all A's across the board. Eion even received the quite surprising all "outstandings" from his talented and gifted teacher. So the educational front is a-ok. Or we are the lucky recipients of rampant grade inflation. Either way, whatever.

Friday was the first full day of summer.

Our peace and quiet was marred by the dj who had been hired for a pool party but we are all up on our popular music now. And possibly a little more deaf.

These guys, on the other hand, were def!

Though Friday would normally flow directly into a Saturday pool day, friends April and Greg invited us all out to the lake. 

My very indoor children spent the entire day loving the outdoors. As soon as we arrived, Eion wanted to set out in a kayak, which seemed a recipe for disaster. I was sure he would paddle himself out somewhere, get tired, and then cry like a pansy for us to pick him up.

But he totally proved me wrong, happily making his way around the cove on his own power.

Everybody loved tubing, naturally.

She looked that happy the whole time.

After a long day of water fun, the kids built a campfire and roasted marshmallows. 

And danced around the fire with glowing sticks. But don't worry, no one was hurt.

Today marks the start of swim team, about which I am sure you will receive way more information than you ever needed or wanted!

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