Thursday, June 27, 2013

On the Plus Side

We went to the oral surgeon today for Eion's consultation. As soon as we arrived, Eion was making friends in the lobby. Some little boy was charmed enough to invite E to his birthday party at Pump It Up. The news from the back was less enjoyable. Looks like he will need nine teeth removed. Such an undertaking naturally mean IV sedation. The doctor, who was very sweet and had an excellent bedside manner, was explaining how IVs worked. Poor E's eyes just welled up with tears and he said, "I think I'd like the other choice." His fears were somewhat abated by letting him know that he knows several anesthesiologists but he still isn't thrilled. He has about three weeks til the big day. Poor E.

He did just crack us all up when the doc asked him if he knew how they extracted teeth. "The yankers?" was his deadpan reply.

But on the plus side, I am once again gainfully employed. (Providing I pass the drug test and background screening, which should be slam dunks.) About a month ago I applied to be a substitute teacher for the City schools. I had my interview on Wednesday. There was some chit chat and a few questions about what I would bring to the job and then my interviewer told me orientation was in August! Seems that if you are flexible, you can work any day you want. I'm planning to take it slow, starting with my kids' schools and branching out as I get the hang of it. Look out Roanoke!


  1. How did the sub. teaching notion fail to come up in (hhcc) poolside conversation??? no need to publish this, I was just floored to read w/no advance inkling! xo

  2. congrats! i am thinking there might be some subversive teaching on the horizon. in fact, this post made me remember a book I read many moons ago about posing questions in the classroom, rather than always delivering "the answer". But the professor who assigned that text was radical and it was way before SOL's.
    Teaching as a Subversive Activity, by Postman and Weingartner, published 1971.
    PS: did you get a 2nd opinion about E's teeth? Seems excessive?!!!

    1. Both the orthodontist and oral surgeon said they needed to come out. He has teeth growing In at right angles and the gums won't form properly. I wish there were another way!

  3. Poor baby! We are headed into orthodontia round 2. So painful. For the payer, that is, not the recipient.