Saturday, June 15, 2013

Terrible Storms That Weren't Really So Bad (For Us Anyway)

So Thursday, the forecast was all like

Twas not looking good my friends. Maggie and E were both at their friends' houses and we hunkered down for the storm. Though we lost power, our street was largely unaffected. Can't say the same for Peakwood, where Eion was. 

He was more than happy to be there and according to Kirsten, he found the power outage great, as it meant he could stay longer. When we went to get him, we ended up parking at the end of the street and walking around the many downed trees. But we retrieved him without issue and headed to Casa Fraught, who were kind enough to take us in for dinner. And you have to love Amy, who opened the conversation for the evening with global warming, which is bold considering the Venn diagram of our views on the subject is as follows:

O  O

(She's all in, I'm all out.) But what was better was that we could have such a discussion and still want to go to the baseball game together the next night.

Since the weather was delightful, the lack of power didn't impact our sleep a bit. We put the contents of the freezer on ice and enjoyed a day at the pool. Then it was off to the Red Sox game!
Why he is in love with Kira's neighbor rather than her 
I will never understand. Look at how sweet they are. 
And check out E's snow boots. 

After a fantastic double header, we arrived home to restored power. Hallelujah. Saturday, we were off to the pool, minus Tim, who was working. But I got to enjoy the day with these girls:

And these girls:

And more importantly, their parents. Not a bad storm to tell the truth.

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