Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Lazy Days of Summer, With an Expensive Twist

We've fallen into a wonderful summer pattern of days, when it is not pouring rain, of enjoying the pool. Which, in retrospect, was only about half the days this week. It has been mighty wet. On one of those wet days, we got to enjoy a trip to the orthodontist. Our regular dentist told me that the next time Morrigan happened to be going in to have Dr. Lampros take a look in E's mouth as he might need a baby tooth pulled.

See that front tooth coming in at a 90 degree angle? 
Can't be good.

After a look, and some x-rays, it was determined that we need to see an oral surgeon for the removal of six teeth. When I relayed the news to Tim, he said, "That sounds expensive." 

It does indeed.

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