Friday, July 26, 2013

Day One of City County is in the Books

Dude, I am so tired. We were up at 6am to go to the big summer swim meet, City County. It was, as ever, controlled chaos, with kids and overwrought parents everywhere. Having been to this rodeo for a number of years, I am happy to no longer really give a shit beyond my children being happy.

The Margarets

The bad news: there were all sorts of touch pad issues making the whole circus start 45 minutes late. Ugh. Whereas last year I was home well before noon, this year we didn't finish the morning session until 1:30. 

The good news: Not many scores were posted by the time we left but both Maggie and E had won "big ribbons" meaning they placed in the top ten of their time standard. Eion was (somewhat unbelievably) 6th place bronze in the 25 back and Maggie was 10th silver in the 50 back. So even if the rest of the weekend goes to hell, they have one bright spot. And seeing as the only other result we had before we left was E's 25 free, a much less impressive 32nd bronze, these placements may be the highlight of the meet. 

Tomorrow we will find out how Maggie did in the 50 free and 100IM. There was no way I was waiting around for those scores. Also awaiting us are the 25 butterfly, 25 breast, and 50 free for E and the 50 breast and 100 free for Maggie. And hopefully fewer delays.

One of the other Moms had threatened to come packing a bloody mary today. While not a bloody fan, I had planned to have a traveller myself in solidarity. Well, neither of us followed through but let me tell you how we could have used those cocktails during hour four of that meet. 

Wish me luck in the A.M.

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