Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

The weather here has been nothing but wet for a good week now. Actually, summer has been moist overall but recently Mother Nature really kicked it into overdrive. After days of movies and (gack) the Skate Center, we were getting desperate, I was ready for some decent weather for the 4th. We woke to more rain but it cleared up in time for the neighborhood 4th of July parade.

As we were headed down, my Dad sent me a text, reminiscing about our first summer in Michigan. I was about Morrigan's age and was less than excited about accompanying my family to the local parade. But we had moved to suburban Detroit from farmland Indiana so there was the prospect that it was a Parade, with a capital P. But soon we realized it was a fire truck, two cars and kids on bikes.

Funny you should bring it up Dad, because we are going to the flatlands to be in the modern day incarnation of said parade.

And it was a fire truck, two cars and kids on bikes. But they loved it.

Morrigan picked up a friend to take to the pool and after packing up at home, we were off. Naturally, we arrived to this:

We huddled in the pavilion, determined to wait it out. Glad we did as what followed was a glorious five hours of sunshine.

The place was packed and everyone was glad for the reprieve from being indoors. Right about when it was time for dinner, storm cloud rolled in yet again and we all cleared out. It was a simple, but pretty close to perfect, day.

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