Sunday, July 14, 2013

He Likes to Ride His Bicycle

So one morning at the beach, I wake up pretty early and go into our bathroom. There on the counter was a new pair of goggles, in their package and with a receipt from Walgreens. I'm thinking to myself, I know I had a couple of glasses of wine but there is no way a trip to the drugstore happened without me noticing.

Then back in the bedroom, I find ear drops and this:

Note time stamp of 4:38am.

Clearly, Tim had gone to the drugstore in the middle of the night. BUT our car was blocked in. Did he wake up his Dad or brother? My investigation led me outside where I saw that his bike had moved from the night before. 

Someone had an earache painful enough that Tim went riding off at 4am for a 10ish mile bike ride and I slept through the whole thing. The question now was am I a bad Mom for not waking when a kid came in with ear pain or just a bad wife for slumbering through Tim's adventures?

Turns out I was just a bad wife.

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