Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Nerd, I Mean, Medical Research Camp

For many years, camps have been a struggle. The wee ones were not that into sports or art and we had a tough time finding the right fit. All that has gone by the wayside as we have aged up to nerd camps. Maggie went to App Attack, which was a big hit, and Morrigan is attending this week a Medical Research Camp through the Virginia Tech medical school and the science museum.

As I dropped her off on Monday, I thought "This could be disaster." It was, after all, an all day (9-4) camp and the topics seemed rather educational, that is to say, boring. My concern was misplaced. When I picked her up, she was all smiles and full of stories about her day which included dissecting a cow eyeball (eeww,) seeing the MRI machine and the lab mice. In truth, it is a lot like school, but she loves it.

Yesterday, they also used a virtual dissection machine and dissected a starfish. There was some sort of test as well but Morrigan said not to worry, she aced it.

The local paper had an article today about the camp and quoted Morrigan as well! My favorite line of hers, "I guess I'd prefer to be a doctor that doesn't cut people up. That would be weird." 

She was raring to go again this morning, thrilled to have more science lectures and, I think, take apart a frog. Like I said, nerd camp.

You can read the article here. And full credit to The Roanoke Times for these pictures I ripped off their site.

And a not very interesting video here: 

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  1. Just because it is educational doesn't mean it's nerdy! It's science! And it sounds fascinating, fun and hands-on.