Sunday, July 28, 2013

Now We're Done

Swim season, she is finished! With the conclusion of City County, we are officially without commitments for the duration of the summer.

Tim joined us on Saturday and to my surprise, it was his first time there in our five year swimming span. It seems the perfect storm of work and me needing him to watch Eion in years past has kept him from the joy all these years. No more!

The Happy Swimmers

On deck for Saturday was 25 butterfly, 25 breast and 50 free for Eion while Maggie only had the 50 breast and 100 free. 

Maggie swam well and scored points for both races in the silver division. Eion, well, he certainly had personality. While he is never able to sit still behind the blocks, having Tim as part of his cheering squad seemed to bring out the entertainer in him. Before all of his races he would dance, kick, wave and flash us all sorts of gang signs. I cannot tell you how much I wish I had it on tape. Seeing as I never record the races, if you are honest, you know they aren't interesting enough live to want to relive them later, I didn't have the right camera with me. But he was having a ball. 

After the race was done, he would come over, all smiles, and tell us how people he didn't even know were cheering for him. After the last event, he told us, "This is awesome! I can't wait for next year!"

Yeah, you are busted for eating chocolate for breakfast!

We didn't tell him he dq-ed in two races. He never needs to know.

What was really the best was all the kids interacting with each other. When Eion stayed after he was done to yell out, loudly, for Ned. When Margaret, much to her parents' dismay, kept them there an extra hour to watch Maggie's last race so she could cheer her on and bring Mags her towel. It was really sweet and made all that early morning, loud pool deck hanging totally worth it.

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