Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Only Child

Eion is reveling in his status this week as only child. He was a little nervous about being alone this morning while we went to (an absolutely necessary) yoga class, but overall, he he thriving.

It was of course, swim meet Monday! The last of the summer for those tired of our aquatic excursions. First up was 25 butterfly.

In this particular event, Eion defies the laws of physics. There should be no earthly way he can swim legally going as slow as he does. But he was legal and DFL. But, he let me know, he cut time. Sadly, there are no awards for the swimmers who seem to employ magical properties.

He fared better with backstroke.

It was a strong 3rd bronze finish, tying his best finish ever! Much excitement 'round the McK household!

E has also been expressing an interest in golf lately. So we took him out to the range to hit some balls.

Really, he did quite well for someone who has never had any lessons. AND he wants to go back. I think there is nothing in the world Tim would love more than a son (or daughter) who wanted to golf with him.

He does have a very John Daly sort of swing.

Now all he needs is a diet coke, a cigarette and 3 divorces.

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