Sunday, July 14, 2013

Two Happy Girls Go to Camp

Morrigan and Maggie were so excited this morning to leave for camp that they were making me nuts - pacing around, asking me what time it was, sitting in the family room on their trunks. Finally, the hour arrived and we were able to leave. Though there are girls from as far as Texas, we only have to drive 15 minutes up the road.

It has been raining lots and lots and lots here but luckily, the sleeping and dining quarters are inside. Outside, wellll, it is pretty darn muddy. I'm thinking both girls are going to need new tennis shoes by the end of the week.

The counsellors are as enthusiastic as ever and continue to improve the decorations and amenities each year.

The "Houses"

Dining hall, divided by house

The library and game area

They kept their camp monikers from the prior year, Midnight and Mini-Midnight. It's always a nice touch when they name themselves after the cat I accidentally ran over. Thanks for keeping that memory alive girls! And being ever cheap, they opted for the free "rental" robes over the ones available for purchase. Gotta love some thrift!

By the time they were checked in, both girls were ready to be left for their week long adventure and Eion was stoked to be an only child. Let's hope there is sunshine for all of us on the horizon!

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