Thursday, August 8, 2013

D-Day Day Trip

About a dozen years ago, the National D-Day Memorial opened in Bedford, about 40 minutes from us. In spite of how close it is geographically, that a friend's stepdad was instrumental in making it happen and that I love historical tourism, I had never gone there. Until today.

As you've noticed from the lack of blogging, not much has been going on here for the last week or so. But Tim decided we should take a wee day trip and head to Bedford.

It was totally worth the trip! The memorial itself is exceptionally well done. This area symbolized the landing on the shores of Normandy. There were little bursts of water that shot up and made a noise much like the bullets that were fired at the invading troops.

This sculpture represented climbing the cliffs.

I can't believe it took us this long to go there. Now that we have, I plan to take our parents the next time they visit. If you go, I would definitely recommend taking the guided tour. Our guide was a Vietnam Vet and his explanation of both D-Day and how the memorial represented it made the visit much more interesting.[Their website is]

We also want to go on June 6th next year for the anniversary of D-Day. A group of veterans from the Operation Overlord come each year and we'd like to meet them.

Only slightly put out by the family trip.

After we were done, we headed into downtown Bedford for some ice cream and stumbled on a coffee shop that had Cao Artisan Chocolate inside. We had never heard of it but do love some specialty chocolates. The owner let us try the five different types of bars. While they all used the exact same recipe, they each had beans of a different origin. The variety of flavor was fascinating! We bought one of each to do a similar side-by-side taste test with friends soon.

File it under day trip success.


  1. Can we have dibs on being those friends??!!?

  2. I still haven't visited the D-Day Memorial. My husband visited soon after it opened and said only good things about it. I'll have to tell him about the June 6 event because he would love to talk to the vets.

    I bought some of the Cao chocolate at our farmer's market and we really liked it!