Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Good Cop/Bad Cop

Eion decided to play soccer this fall. After our last disastrous attempt at the sport, indoors that is, we approached the entire process with some trepidation. I made some calls to try to score him a spot on a SoRo team and we awaited the season.

Then came the day of the first practice.

When I picked Eion up at school, he was in near tears, having discovered that, as one of the oldest in his class, he wasn't on a team with any of his close friends. That was it, he declared, his soccer career was over before it started. 

Not so fast buddy.

You quitting leaves the team a man down and let's not forget about the $65 registration fee. While we told him he had to honor his commitment, we pumped him up saying he could make new friends and that in later years he may be with his current close buds. Then it was off to practice and hoping for the best.

Hopes that were quickly dashed as we arrived at the end of practice to find him skulking about behind the goal, refusing to participate, after having spent the practice complaining of boredom.

It was shaping up to be a long season.

Had him talk to my Dad, a long time soccer enthusiast, to try and get him more excited but that alone was not going to get the job done. We needed a plan.

That plan was Operation Good Cop/Bad Cop.

I explained the plan to Tim. My job was to be the Bad Cop. I would tell E how he would lose electronics if he failed to participate or complained excessively. How playdates would be a thing of the past if he was a problem for the coaches. Zero tolerance baby! Tim, on the other hand, was the Good Cop. He would drive Eion to practice and let him know that he if he behaved, they could get a slurpee on the way home, just don't tell your Mom.

It worked like a charm, for one practice anyway. Seeing as Tim is working today and I don't want to get into the habit of slurpees twice a week, we'll see about the rest of the season.

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