Wednesday, August 21, 2013

That's What Always Happens at My House

I have not felt like blogging. Not one itty bitty bit. It's not for lack of topics. Sometime in the near future, I expect to write about (in no particular order): the amount of time I have to devote to physical therapy and how it has afforded a wide population of people to be up close and personal with my behind (literally,) back to school, the astounding amount of money that was, as far as I can tell, completely wasted on the "new and improved" local science museum, and the ability of the city schools to come up with yet another harebrained plan to increase our kids' "safety" which borders on lunacy. As you can see, there are all sorts of things getting me all fired up. We'll get to them soon.

But today, an interlude from Team McK: Part One, Breakfast.

Me: Maggie, really? Are you going to wear the same shirt today that you not only wore yesterday but slept in?
Maggie: I have more than one of these shirts.
[Eion arrives downstairs late.]
Me: Eion, you are late. No electronics this afternoon.
Eion: (In tears.) But Cooper is coming over!
Me: That is it! It is Zero Tolerance Wednesday! No xbox. And Maggie, you are lying through your teeth. Go change!

But after a few hours and a glance at the rain-filled forecast, I re-thought my strategy and decided that punishment could be moved to tomorrow.

Which brings us to Part Two, arriving home.

Me: Eion, you can play xbox.
Eion: Really?
Me: Yes but you cannot tomorrow.
Cooper: See I told you. That's what always happens at my house.

Smug little bastards.

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