Wednesday, September 18, 2013

All About Eion

I feel like I go in spurts, where one child gets more coverage than the others. Clearly, this month, E is the blog subject winner.

Yesterday in his Tuesday folder, he had a sheet that was "Nuts About Goal Setting." His goal was to get all A's which is quite a nice goal. Much better than something related to Minecraft or Terraria, revealing my shortcomings as a parent for letting him play way too many video games. How is he going to accomplish his goal? "Work insanely well." Too funny.

But not nearly as funny as this conversation on the way home from soccer practice:

E: Mom, could you ever marry Coach Smith?
Me: You know E, I think Mrs. Coach Smith might not appreciate that at all. Nor would Daddy.
E: But what if there were no Mrs. Coach Smith or Daddy?
Me: Son, are you suggesting I become a home wrecker?
E: What's a home wrecker?
Me: What Mommy would be if she busted up two households so she could marry Coach Smith.
E: What if you met Coach Smith before Daddy? Like in college?
Me: Well that would be sad because you would never be born if I didn't marry Daddy. Do you also want me to marry Coach Jones?
E: No, just Coach Smith. But don't be a home wrecker.

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  1. Cannot recall having such deep discussions with any of our kids. But then those were the olden days