Thursday, September 5, 2013

Back in Business

If you stopped by in the last few days, you may have been turned away by the private blog notice. Within the space of a couple of days, I had a few things happen that kind of freaked me out and I closed up shop while I thought it through.

The first was Morrigan decided to read some of the archives. Having been blathering on here for coming up on eight years, I wasn't entirely sure what all was out there and if it would be understood by a twelve year old. Hurting my children's feelings was never a part of what I was doing here, even if a post is occasionally entitled "Happy M F**ing Birthday Eion." So I wasn't sure I wanted them to read, at this age anyway.

Coinciding with this was my rejection as a substitute teacher for the city schools. It came as a surprise seeing as it was implied, if not outright stated, that I was overqualified, they needed 100 new subs and I was offered the job at my interview. But when the dates for the training sessions came and went, I called and inquired about my status. I received a letter letting me know that "on further review of my credentials" I was not being offered a job. Not to sound all full of myself, but I fail to believe they were flooded with 100 applicants more qualified than yours truly. Not to mention that a retired teacher I know said that they are perpetually short of subs and she had never heard of a qualified applicant not being hired. Her remark was something along the lines of, "You must have really pissed someone off."

I am, as you may be able to tell, somewhat mouthy and not shy about criticizing the schools at meetings, in this blog or in the local paper. It appears that dissent is not a welcome trait at RCPS.

It made me worry a bit that my outspokenness could disadvantage my kids or worse, give bullies fodder. So I shut everything down to think about it.

Clearly, I decided to open back up. The kids, I think they can handle my rants if they choose to come by. I already censor - even if it seems I spill it all, I do occasionally hold back the more embarrassing and private things. When I was telling my Dad about my thought process, he said he did notice that he only receives favorable mentions. By design! As for the schools, I'm willing to take a chance. If they happen to stumble by, I'd hope that any teacher or administrator would be respectful of free speech. That and I really need to vent about them, more often than I'd like.

Thanks for allowing me the break and drop by again soon, there should be new material.

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