Friday, September 13, 2013

Eion, Otherwise Known as Number E

Yesterday was Eion's first soccer game. He excitedly brought home the jersey after the last practice. When I took it out, I did a double take. It just seemed wrong. And indeed it was. The number 3 was on backwards.

Much to our surprise, Eion, who fears change and does like everything in order, was not at all troubled and declared that it was an E, for Eion. Whew, first hurdle out of the way.

Then, on to the game. Now we were a bit nervous. It was his first year and, having watched some of the practices, it was clear that other players had much more experience. We geared up and hoped for the best.

The games are played with six players on each side, plus goalies, and are divided into four, eight minute quarters. The coaches were ultra fair and each player got to play at least two quarters. Eion was one of the captains for this game, a position of which he was really proud.

I'm so used to seeing him with kids a year younger 
than him that I forget how small the little guy is.

Imagine my surprise when E started at center forward. Now for those not versed in soccer, this is not a position at which one normally puts one of the weaker links on the team. But it soon became obvious that his coaches had a plan.

Eion was directed to position himself near the other team's goal, bordering on offsides (and if the refs had been watching more closely, occasionally offsides.) He was there so a long pass might make it his way and put him in the position to score. 

And to the shock of everyone there, including Eion, he scored the first goal. I do believe we are hitting the season highlight early.

After that, he wasn't in the action much but no matter. The team won 4-1 and he was thrilled that he was a part of it!


  1. Way to go Eion as you continue a family soccer tradition. Your mom played as did uncle Dominick and your Opa (Grandpa in Dutch)

  2. what a good sport--all around from wearing a backwards number to playing his best!