Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fly Away Week, Fly Away

Busy? You could say that. Last Sunday was E's den meeting for Boy Scouts. The kids all made food and really, what is more appealing than delights created by eight year old boys?

The good news for me was Eion made his snack at Ned's while I was hosting Maggie's birthday party. (Thank you Fiona!) Despite my hesitance to eat, it was a beautiful day and the kids had a great time playing outside and getting wet in the stream.

Maggie and Eion were much more enthusiastic eaters, however, and negated the need for a birthday dinner. Those steaks would just have to wait!

Maggie's Girl Scout troop finished and delivered the book shelves they built for the Rescue Mission.

I initially thought they would be assembling some purchased shelves and assumed that, like many projects kids do, that the lion's share of the work would be done by parents. Not so! While they, naturally, needed adult help, they really did a large part of it themselves, including carrying them in.

A local news crew was there as well. Major excitement!

Then it was back to Boy Scouts! This time, selling popcorn. Manning a stand is really, really, not my favorite thing to do. But it was at our local grocery store and I got to see, and harass, many friendly faces.

On to Friday and the Prowl-a-thon! Eion's school (finally) stopped selling wrapping paper and just went to outright asking for cash, a plan I have long endorsed. Even though we never sold wrapping paper, I felt compelled to donate, just to make sure the sale never came back.

I was down at the school all morning taking pictures for the yearbook. We were blessed with amazing weather and by all accounts, the fundraiser was a huge success, bringing in almost three times what wrapping paper sales did. Victory!

And I got to spend some time with my main man, Eion B. 

As anticipated, a full week of marginally interesting events!

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