Monday, September 16, 2013

Girls and Boys' Nights

So that weekend flew by! Mine was full of girls time and boys time, starting with cocktails and sushi out with the girls on Friday to celebrate Kate's return from the iodine-free diet. So fun catching up. Add in seeing my favorite yogi, whose class PT requires me to miss, and being regaled with the tales of peewee football parents and it made for quite a night. [Editor's note: I'm trying to convince the Mom with the stories about football craziness to guest blog but no luck so far.]

Saturday, Maggie's Girl Scout troop continued work on some bookshelves they plan to donate to the Rescue Mission. I knew they  would be painting but had no idea nail guns and mitre saws were involved as well!

You get 'em Mags!

Then it was off to Eion's soccer game where Tim and I spent our time spit between yelling, "Get to the center!" and covering our faces. 

He has a good time and is thrilled that his team won again but I genuinely believe he has no concept of how the game is played.

I just took piles of pictures for everyone in the hopes they would find our family an overall add.

They scored in spite of me!

That night Eion and Tim were off to the Boy Scout campout so Maggie and I planned a girls night with her friend Margaret, who was also sans Dad and brother.

We went out to a fancy restaurant which was delightful, in spite of the fact that we were the only people there on a Saturday night. Crazy. Maggie loved the charcuterie plate and tried a bite of my lobster pot pie. Add a new, albeit expensive, item to her repertoire. [Morrigan was asked if she wanted to come but she had two different offers to babysit. She chose the work over us. Love her.]

Tim said the campout was fun, if a bit cold that night. He came packing a Suburban full of gear and awoke to this sunrise.

Then came Sunday, which was a well needed day of rest.

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