Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Maggie (and Other Weekend Happenings)

While one might expect that we would be enjoying a birthday dinner for Maggie, who is 10 today, the earlier Boy Scout meeting, complete with snacks from each den member, has ensured that my cooking skills will most definitely not be needed tonight. Guess those steaks will wait for tomorrow.

Other than Boy Scouts, which Mags was happy to attend, seeing as her friend Margaret would also be in attendance, we had a low key day. The calm after the storm you might say. Because last night was the slumber party!

But before we go to current events, I have to take the annual moment to marvel that my baby, the sweetest, sleepiest baby ever, is a decade old.

You know you want to eat that child up.

And onward. After her sister's successful party, Maggie immediately lobbied for a similar bash. We agreed but did say she was going to need to pare down her guest list, which originally had 12 invitees. That was a bit much. We halved it and started planning. Or should I say, Maggie started planning and made it clear my assistance was not needed. In theory, this was fine. In practice, her plans for an elaborate outdoor capture the flag game were thwarted by a torrential downpour. 


Luckily, we had a really great group of girls who rallied and came up with some note hiding, scavenger hunt-esque replacement and all was well. The rain even let up and the girls were treated to a double rainbow. It was birthday magic I tell you.

One guest asked if they could go in the driveway. Maggie answered, without missing a beat, "We can go in the road! We're free range!" Which is so true. The outdoor fun was quickly cut short by my crazy neighbor's dogs, who came into the cul de sac, barking and chasing the girls back inside. Because this was lucky number 1 million and 17 that these dogs have bothered us, I called animal control and got to add a visit from an officer to our party mix. Never a dull moment.

By the time we had cake, the opening of the presents was long over. Her two favorites came from two of her closest friends. Megan, when being dropped off, brought her kitten so Maggie, the kitten deprived, could get some birthday cat love. So sweet. The other was this t-shirt from Margaret.

That thing in the place of the heart is a pork chop.
I guess this means "I pork Minecraft?"

So treasured was this shirt that she put it on immediately and there has already been discussion of the shirt's plans once she outgrows it, an event which Eion anxiously awaits. Margaret told me, "It is a real shirt but we gave her pj bottoms so she can wear it to bed. We know you don't like to represent." I've already agreed to make an exception.

But calls to animal control aside, the whole thing went off without a hitch. Granted, I could not have cared less if they slept. I checked out at 10:30ish and told them not to stay up too late.

Now I just have to convince E he doesn't want a similar party. The payoff this year may be large.

Speaking of E, the Bombers won again on Saturday, 7-1. Eion continued his role as the guy who waits by the other team's goal. But he has fun and really enjoys being part of the undefeated team. (Sorry, no photos. It was all drizzly.) 

This week looks to be packed with marginally interesting events, about which, I am sure, you will get to read more than you could ever dream!

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  1. jack had his first slumber party (or whatever boys call it) this weekend too. we had a very different experience. and when I went to bed at 11 after turning the light off upstairs and telling them to go to sleep, I was rudely awakened at 230 am by loud bumps and jumps and laughter.