Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Month in Flashes

A month into school eh? That and so few updates from around here. Let's hit the not so interesting highlights in a bullet point type presentation!

*Physical Therapy
PT consumes inordinate amounts of time in my life these days. The in-office time is an 1 1/1 to 2 hours three times a week. Add to that the "homework" that occupies another hour or so and it sometimes feels as though it is all I do. On the bright side, I can watch the iPad while stretching and am getting all caught up on Breaking Bad.

*The Laundry Situation
We are now beyond full two weeks of not having a washing machine. The folks, and by folks, I mean something that starts with f and rhymes with muckers, from Just Appliance** came two weeks ago, charged me $65, said they had to order a part, now won't return my calls, and haven't come back. Round two is hopefully tomorrow when a new guy is coming to look at it. And have to order parts, I'm sure. One visit to the laundry mat was quite enough. I'm on the verge of just buying a new washer. (**If I wasn't clear enough about how I feel about these "folks," they have dreadful customer service. We'll stop short of calling them crooks.)

After a rocky start, E seems to be enjoying soccer practices. Their first game is Thursday and I'll report out then!

*Other Sports?
Not a one! The girls remain firmly entrenched against any and all fall sports.

*Birthday Sleepovers

The good news: we survived this handily. The bad news: now Maggie wants to have a sleepover too. Her initial invitee list came in at 12, count 'em, 12 girls. We're still in negotiations on that one.

*On Filling My Time
My physical therapist has restricted all my activities, even those as simple as walks. So, when I'm not actually doing my exercises, I have lots of time to fill. I'm back on as Treasurer at Highland Park (Maggie's school) and on Yearbook at Crystal Spring (Eion's school.) I've been Treasurer multiple times so that one is easy to slip right back into. Yearbook, for someone who is a shutterbug, is a natural fit for me. It's changed much since I was on my high school yearbook staff, and for the better I must say. Speaking of which, I'm off to document the 3rd grade recess!

See you tomorrow for Eion's 1st soccer game highlights!

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