Wednesday, November 6, 2013

All Family, All the Time Weekend

Last weekend was filled with about as much family togetherness as possible AND worked out amazingly well, to the surprise of all involved. Friday night, we went out to dinner and then went to a Virginia Tech hockey game. (Minus Morrigan who was at a school dance, where she was planning on mocking all the other students. Way to make friends.) While the children had limited (read: no) interest in the game, everyone had a friend and the night was great fun.

Saturday, we were headed to Charlottesville for the UVA v Clemson game! A friend was not using her tickets and asked if we wanted them. Seeing as the weather was gorgeous, there was no way we weren't going.

We tailgated prior to the game and the kids were all so much themselves. Maggie just wanted to hang with us, Morrigan wanted to read alone in the car or wander the parking lot and Eion made friends with the guys in capes and they commenced to beating each other with sticks.

What I love most about the UVA stadium, admittedly, I don't know the name, is the large grassy area for festival seating. I always, for the few games I attended at the University of Michigan, hated the crowded, cold student section. The option of a wide open, sunny, grassy area might well have increased my attendance 100 fold.

UVA ended up getting pummeled so we didn't stay the entire game. But it was another perfect day!

As a side note, which I am sure you will find fascinating, the only other UVA game I've attended was 13 years ago and was also against Clemson! Here's a blast from the past photo from that one. 

Note to self: travel to past and recommend I ditch the pleats.

You would think by now we'd be done - but no, it was on to a Girl Scout hike at Peaks of Otter.

We brought the entire family, much to the chagrin of Morrigan and Eion. I was expecting a mile or so hike that would be leisurely in nature. I expected wrong. Turns out we were headed to Sharp Top, 3500 some feet up, and it was going to be 2 hours+. Internally, I kind of panicked. Thus far, I've only been cleared to walk a half hour on flat land. This was far outside what I was supposed to be doing. But I knew if I bailed, one to three children would follow and family outing failure was not going to be on my shoulders. If I had to spend a week suffering, so be it!

To save you the suspense, I survived nicely, much to my delight. I had to take it a bit easy this week but no major pain. And my PT didn't even yell at me!

It would have been worth the pain. The hike itself was beautiful. As a friend put it, we are so lucky to live in a postcard.

View from the top.

To the astonishment of all of us, Morrigan loved it the most. She led the pack, racing up and down the mountain. Eion was a close second on the happiness scale, declaring his love for climbing mountains. Who freaking knew! (Maggie was happy too, but she's always happy.)

Why yes, Eion is wearing the same outfit as the day before. 
I pick my battles.

Maggie on top of the world.

E's first words Monday to his teacher were about how much fun he had. I am beyond floored, and thrilled of course. They want to go on another hike this weekend. Tim and I are giddy at the prospect. 

That family fun works out every once in a while.

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  1. for some reason I remember you hiking once in danskos hope you had on better shoes. And try Dragon's Tooth! It's Jack's favorite.