Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Disappear For a Month at a Time Much?

One of my favorite bloggers, who I don't know personally, recently came back after about a six month break. Her posts were a welcome addition to my day and I thought, "I should really get back to writing!" Imagine my surprise when I found I had left you all hanging, just dying for the details of my uber exciting life [snort,] for a full month. How about we do a speed catch up, complete with lots of pictures!

What really threw me off track was our trip to Detroit in mid-October. The night before we left, Morrigan came home from Technology Club letting me know we needed to be back at school in a few hours for the Beta Club induction. {Beta Club was billed as an honors society but I kind of have this feeling that a desire to belong and $20 is really the only threshold to membership.}And, she added in an aside, she needed to dress up. Which is dandy and all but the child has nary an outfit for such an occasion that fit. Shopping with Morrigan is challenging in the best of circumstances. The idea of going to the store at the last minute and quickly obtaining something we could both live with was unrealistic, to say the least.

Enter my hero, Maggie's friend Margaret. She had recently attended a Bat Mitzvah and had bout several dressy outfits for the weekend's festivities. Margaret is a little taller than Morrigan but I thought it was our best shot. Fortunately, their family was nonplussed at the whirlwind arrival of several McKs, demanding dresses. We outfitted her, and all was well.

All except her shoes of course. We had previously purchased black flats from Zappos that Morrigan assured me fit, in spite of not being narrows. They did not fit and the child ended up with a really interesting gait. At least they are now down to $52.64 a wearing. 

Fashion crisis in our rear view, we headed north to Detroit where we spent a long weekend with my family, visited dear friends, and even fit in a niece's soccer game!

The minions, my brother Dominick and his husband Chris

Said dear friend, Olivia, who was kind enough 
to hang at my Mom & Dad's with us.

The whole fan-damily

Dinner with cousins!

Once we returned home, Halloween was on us in no time. This holiday will go down as "the year no one really gave a good rat's ass about their costume."

Morrigan wanted to be some anime character, but she waited too long to order her costume and there was no way it was making it here from Hong Kong in time. After tears of unfathomable sadness, she decided to be some other character for which we only needed  black cape. Sold! 

Maggie wanted to reprise her "Eskimo" costume from last year. It was getting a wee bit short but add leggings and problem solved.

Eion wanted to be a Clone Trooper, again. After I don't know how many freaking years of one piece polyester suits, that are always too hot, and helmets, which he always ends up hating, I took a stand and said no. Procrastination ensued and we found ourselves on the eve of the Club Halloween party with no costume. Indiana Jones - back in action!

Total holiday cost: $19.99 (plus tax.)

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