Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Screw Gender Definitions

As part of my ongoing efforts to have my children's after school activities be something other than copious amounts of time on the xBox, I asked Eion the other day if he wanted to try wrestling. He had already dissed basketball, indoor soccer (apparently, while soccer is "his" sport, it is only "his" sport one season a year,) and lacrosse, making this somewhat of a last ditch effort. In a flabbergasting move, after hearing what the sport entailed, he said yes, he was in. The only thing more surprising was when Maggie chimed in, "I want to do it too!"

Uh, yeah.

A few calls and I was able to determine that girls were not only allowed, but encouraged. Game on.

Last night was the first practice. Both kids were excited. (And it helped that their friends John Paul and Ryan were also going to be there.) Now, I know next to nothing about wrestling. In fact, my entire base of knowledge may come from Emilio Estevez's character in The Breakfast Club. Last night, I learned much.

The first bit of info gleaned was that wrestling practice rooms are hot, humid and quite fragrant. As one parent, a school nurse, noted, "I can just smell the staph infection." As the kids entered, I though there was no way in hell they would spend an hour+ in there and want to go back. No way.

As we peeked in the glass door, never wanting to re-enter as just being in there made you want to shower, the kids happily ran drills, scooted around on the floor (you know everyone was going to bathe,) and start some basic sparring. Maggie, as the only girl, was paired with a boy her size. There was no need for worry, she told me in advance, "I am going to work twice as hard as all the boys." The Dad of her partner laughed and said he thought his son was afraid to hit a girl. To which I told him he'd better get over it fast because Maggie had no qualms about hitting him!

After practice, they were dripping with sweat and red-faced. The first words out of Maggie's mouth were, "Are we going back tomorrow?"

Yes indeed my sweetie. You'll just need to clean up first.

[Post script: This whole thing is very exciting as well for me as I will get to practice my indoor sports photography! Not that it is all about me...]

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