Friday, December 27, 2013

December Weekend Recap

Hi y'all! I thought I'd better let you know I was still out here as my last post left my MIL fearing for my safety. We had a great Christmas in Florida but before we go through all that, I realized that I had a whole set of pictures ready for a post I never wrote. It was either lovely holiday tales or ranting, I could only get one in before we left!

Eion's Boy Scout troop participated in the Dickens of a Christmas parade a few weeks back. In spite of being in this town since 1999, we had never made it to any of the Dickens events. As the kids got older, I felt this was a shortcoming on my part and was really looking forward to the parade.

This is entitled: Here Comes Trouble.

Turns out, I was not missing much. Maggie and I made a tactical error and were eating dinner during much of the parade while waiting for E. Just as we finished, his group came through. After that, no one wanted to watch the parade. Then is was going around to vendors. Here and there were street performers, we saw a fire eater who was a crowd pleaser, but mostly, E complained he wanted to go home. Oh well, at least I don't have to feel guilt if we don't go next year!

In spite of a house full of non believers, we went to the Santa brunch. We were having a party that night and while the Big Man was not much of a draw, we needed to use our minimum and it let us eat lunch without messing up the kitchen.

He says he doesn't believe, but he rattled off 
a list of desired toys just in case.

Unwilling to pose with Santa but happy to pose with a friend!

We spent the balance of the day getting ready for the party that night. The girls were excited to be our helpers. They dutifully answered the door, took coats, and, as the night wore on, refilled wine glasses. It is fun to have "big" girls.

Eion showed no interest in the event and happily played xbox all night. Really, it was best for us all.

The next day we continued a tradition of decorating gingerbread houses with our friends Christy and Andrew. The girls put work into theirs while Eion decorated just enough to justify having taken part. He munched on as much candy as he could and eagerly anticipated getting the whole thing home so he could start eating the house itself. Mmm, stale Target gingerbread.

Then we collapsed and got ready for the home stretch of the school days, looking forward to Christmas in Florida (which is up next on tonight's speed blogging session!)

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