Monday, December 30, 2013

Just When You Thought She Couldn't Get Any Happier

Maggie greeted the news of her pending pet with unbridled excitement. We continued to bust her looking longingly at the picture of the guinea pig. Luckily for her, we drove home the day after Christmas. Our arrival was too late for any pig shopping but I promised, Friday was the day.

Now Friday also had no shortage of things for me to do as we had piles of laundry and my parents were flying in that night. But true to my word, we were going. First we had to assemble the cage. There was a moment of panic when it seemed we were missing a few bolts, but after a call to the company, we realized we were just inept at reading directions. This is what happens when I have to build things alone.

With the cage waiting for its new resident, we started making calls to pet stores. Normally, I love my town but when you want to shop for anything not via the internet, it can suck. Like Friday. The few stores who carried guinea pigs had no long haired ones in stock. (In my humble, they are much cuter than their short hair counterparts.) We perused Craigslist but I couldn't commit to a used pig. Thinking a two day wait was no biggie, I said, "We'll just go on Sunday when the next shipment comes in."

And Maggie burst into tears.

Not wanting to have the best gift ever turn into a nightmare, we then course corrected and went to the shop that had one short hair in stock. Knowing that she was going to want this pig even if it had three eyes, I unilaterally ruled out an albino but said anything else was fine.

You know she fell in love instantly.

Meet Fluffy McFlufferson.

Fluffy came home to a full afternoon of love. My only concern is she is going to rub the fur off the thing. She carries it around all the time and doesn't even get upset when she leaves her "presents."

She came down this morning having been awoken by Fluffy at the side of her cage squeaking for attention. Looks like the love is mutual!

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