Friday, December 27, 2013


As we were staying in Florida for five days, we figured it would be best for everyone if we got the kids out of the house some. Hence, the Legoland excursion! We invited Doug and Nancy to come but for some reason, dragging three kids around the funpark didn't appeal to them. Chickens.

Legoland was perfect. It was sunny and 84 degrees. The kids all loved it. Morrigan was on the upper end of the age group who would find it fun but she was still happy with the rides. It helps that she is not a huge coaster girl. Eion was in heaven.

Everywhere you looked, there were incredible lego structures. From the Christmas tree (above) to scaled replicas of Las Vegas. 

The rides were scaled just right for our three. There was a series of roads with cars they could drive. It was a bit unnerving since they were set loose and there was no track or rail holding them in place. But mostly they all followed the traffic signals and only a few minor collisions ensued.

I think E would have just done that ride on a loop if we had let him. But we needed to get to the roller coasters! They were all relatively tame, no upside-down action, making them ideal for our whole family. We bought the unlimited digital downloads from the coaster cams and had quite a time coming up with poses.

Worth every penny.

After much funparking, we took an ice cream break. With seats in short supply, Eion sidled up to a couple of little boys and started chatting them up. Their mother was amazed he was so comfortable with strangers. Free range victory.

By the end of the day we were beat but it was great fun. Highly recommended. 

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