Sunday, December 29, 2013

Merry Christmas!

On Christmas Eve, the children were put to bed with warnings that Christmas did not start until 8am. And even then, their parents had to be up and drinking coffee. As I lay in bed the next morning, awake at 7am, I considered torturing them and waiting until the appointed time to start the chaos. But my inner Grinch lost out and we got rolling early.

Christmas, Florida style.

In comparison to years past, the present opening actually took quite a while. I'd say nearly 45 minutes. It was quite relaxing compared to getting up before dawn and ripping everything open in 6 minutes flat.

With Santa out of the picture, we took requests for presents. Surprises were few but satisfaction ran high.

The big surprise of the day, other than Tim's wrecking ball ornament,

was for Maggie. The poor kid wanted a pet so badly. But with her sister's asthma, most big pets are right out. It took a little convincing, but Tim agreed we could get her a guinea pig. If you've never had one, while they are technically rodents, they have personality and can be quite sweet. They will cuddle and purr. I figured it was loving enough but would not make Morrigan sick. 

Since we were away from home, a live pet was out of the question. So we wrapped up a picture of a pig with a note that told her she would get one when we returned home. As she opened the package, she had no idea what it was. She let out a squeal and couldn't stop smiling. We knew it was a home run when we kept catching her hugging the picture.

We spent the balance of the beautiful day together, hanging out, cooking and watching the golfers go by. It was great. Hope your Christmas was a merry one too.

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  1. Megs is DYING DYING to see Fluffy McFluff in person!!