Monday, December 30, 2013

Our First Wrestling Tournament

The kids' entering the wrestling world is really my first exposure to the whole thing too. And Saturday, we went to our first tournament. Let's cover the good first. It was in town so we didn't have to drive anywhere. Also, Mom and Dad are here so they got to see the kids in action. Maggie was quite excited, Eion, not as much.

Maggie bolstered Eion's spirit as we waited for warmups to end. But alas, he and his opponent were either in tears or nearly so as we approached their match. Hard work on the part of both mothers got the nervous boys on the mat.

This ended up being the highlight of the day. Eion tied his opponent and they were very well matched. In addition to being in the same weight class, they also had similar levels of experience. 

The rest of the day was less positive, with his next two matches ending with Eion being pinned. But that tie, and the shallow field, allowed him to win a 4th place medal. He ended the day all smiles.

Then there was Maggie's day. Oh, poor Maggie.

She had four matches, each of which ended with her getting pinned. 

She was the cutest wrestler out there.

She took the first one in relative stride. It was match two where it all went off the rails. Now naturally, I realize that this is a physical sport. But I don't think I was anywhere near ready to see some boy pick Maggie up and throw her to the ground. After which, he attempted, and succeed, in pinning her as she struggled to get away. 

She was bereft. The fact that he was one of the toughest competitors on that team and had years of experience did nothing to mitigate the situation. She sat and sobbed. Mags was able to pull it together for round three, but while not quite as brutal as the last encounter, she was again the loser. The last match loomed but she rallied and was feeling positive. She and her coaches watched as the other boy wrestled the boy who threw her down, incidentally, he cried after that match too, and came up with a game plan. This time, she was sure she could win.

Only she didn't and cried all the way home.

She was in good company. There were tears all over the place. But in spite of all the drama, they are both all in for next week. Word on the streets is that there will be a deeper field which should mean they are paired with similarly skilled competitors. 

I'll just take a deep breath and mentally steel myself to watch my kids get pummeled, which seems to happen win or lose.

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