Friday, December 27, 2013

Portraits of a Young Girl Skulking

Whew. We survived the parties, Santa brunches and questionable holiday parties. The scheduling gods smiled upon us and, for the first time in forever, we had a long enough block at Christmas to travel. So we headed south to visit Tim's parents in Florida.

Our first outing was a classic car show in the downtown of The Villages. [If you've never heard of The Villages, it is worth a google. It is like a Disneyland retirement village.] This was highly anticipated by Morrigan, lover of cars. By her siblings, notsomuch. She, and the other family members happy to be there, all wove in and out of the fine selection of cars. I, on the other hand, was stuck with the sourpuss twins, who wanted to leave more than anything.

It didn't seem I could make Mags or E happy, so I started antagonizing them. I made Maggie pose in front of all sorts of cars, looking miserable.

But in a turn of events unforeseen by all, this started to be a joke and she skipped from car to car, looking murderous, when she could hold it together, that is.

And the afternoon was saved! 

Soon we met up with everyone else, though I think our joke may have been lost on them.

Coming soon….more Florida!

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