Thursday, December 12, 2013


We've had a lot of little things going on, but nothing that screamed out - hey, write about me! And certainly very little which involved pictures. So instead, here are some postcards, quick with all the dirty details.

Thanksgiving was quiet. We originally planned to have hamburgers because Eion felt we never had any food he liked during the holidays. Maggie was put out that we were having such an ordinary meal. So the night before Thanksgiving, Morrigan and I went to the grocery and bought all the usual gear for a turkey meal. We then cooked all day in secret to surprise Tim. But E still got his hamburger.

Eion and Maggie, to my utter amazement, are both enjoying wrestling. The battle and aggression are a natural fit for E. I'm told by the coaches and the parents who have some knowledge of this sport that Mags is doing well. I still find it odd to hear the coaches yell, "Finish him Maggie!" but I'm getting used to it. She reminds the coach of his own daughter, who wrestled until she was in high school. Ironically, her name is Katie so Maggie gets called by my name regularly. Their first tournament is at the end of the month. That, I am quite sure, will scream out for a whole post.

Morrigan tried out for her middle school production of Aladdin. They had to recite a monologue and sing a song. She knew what she wanted for the monologue right away, The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Of course. But her choice turned out to be inspired. The casting director laughed so hard that she didn't even let Morrigan finish. Considering she wants to be the comical bird, that was good. For the song she had picked some lovely sounding emo song that had the unfortunate subject matter of self mutilation. Her friends talked her out of that one, thank goodness. The roles are posted tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed.

I turned 42 this week. Having grown weary of updating my "about me" description annually, and being mocked if I forget to, I've opted for the 40 something. That'll be good for a while! My birthday was lovely. I'm certain that the choir director made the concert that night 17 minutes long just for me.

I'll be back with you in no time for a real post. Promise.

Hearts, Katie

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  1. I like the postcards. They are easy. And cheaper :)

    With 40-something coming to a close, I am considering simply deleting any reference to age at all next year!!