Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Another Weekend, Another Wrestling Tournament

It was quite nice to walk into this one as "veterans," and have at least a vague idea of what was coming my way. And double nice to have Tim along so I had some backup.

So Maggie, sweet Maggie. She had three rounds this time. In the first, her competitor didn't show up. Score! That is one in the W column. After all, you have to be in it to win it. The next match up ended in a quick pin but no tears, which is pretty darn close to a win. Alas, the last match was not nearly as pleasant and had both Maggie pinned and in tears. But we were done for the day and were able to make a quick escape.

Tim's reaction to the whole thing was bordering on hilarious. As we were walking, we heard a father tell his son, "Now you go out there and kill 'em!" Tim turned to me and said, "Someone, somewhere, is telling their son to do that to my little girl." He also proved a terrible videographer as the camera jerked each time there was a rough fall or an uncomfortable situation. But I understand. This sport is infinitely harder than I thought it would be to watch.

Maggie continues to be at a disadvantage since all the kids in her age and weight class have years of experience. But she soldiers on and seems to want to get back out there and take more beatings.

[Author's note: While possess pictures of Mags from the tournament, I am on media blackout at her request.]

Eion had a decent day. One win on points, two losses on points. Overall, he did well but will do much better when he starts to listen to his coach and stops worrying about the scoreboard, parents, spectators etc.

I'm convinced the pink tie dye socks were the key to victory.

At the end of the day, both kids had 3rd place medals. And we have two weeks off from tournaments.


  1. What parent tells their kid to kill another kid, anyway?? But love Tim's comment. Along with his visceral video fails. :)

    1. You should hear what some of the kids who lose get told. One child Ryan P. pinned was reamed a new one by both parents at the same time, saying how poorly the kid did. Child wasn't more than 7.