Friday, January 17, 2014

Book Report

Because seriously, what does a party girl like me have to do on a Friday night other than blog about books? Can I get a hell yeah? But seriously, I was felled by a nasty illness last week - somewhat akin to a tequila hangover, only without the fun the night before, and had a puking E yesterday. Blogging was low on my list. But tonight, as I await the return of sweet Tim from Velocity Care, a reading recommendation.

I try to pepper in some non fiction into my steady diet of tween post apocalyptic or zombie novels, mostly because when I talk about the things I normally read, people's eyes just glaze over. The latest book on my reading list was Miracles and Massacres.

It is a collection of true stories dating from the founding of the US to present day, none of which I had ever heard about. I love history but you have to admit, history books are, by their very nature, quite dry and tough to get through. But this book was different. All the accounts were written as stories and were subsequently so easy to read. I burned though the book in a few days, Morrigan finished it much faster. 

Seriously, I can't recommend it highly enough.

But now we have to discuss the author, Glenn Beck. 

Hey you lefties! Hang in here with me. First and foremost, this is not a political book. Seriously. And if you let yourself be put off by the author, you are missing out. I checked this book out from the library over Christmas. When my parents came to visit, my Dad, with whom I share very little political ground, saw the book on the coffee table. I'll put some words in his mouth here, but I am sure he picked it up thinking, "What kind of BS right wing crap is my daughter reading now. Glenn Beck! For the love of all that is good and holy." 

But he gave it a chance.

By the time I came downstairs that day, he had read several of the stories and was eager to discuss them. Honestly, I really didn't get a chance to finish reading the book until they went home because everyone was reading it.

Some of the tales are inspiring, some are tragic. But all are compelling. If you are looking for a great book, Miracles and Massacres fits the bill.

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  1. This is a response from the slightly lefty dad Henry Just so you know, I was born left, left handed (but that was corrected in the olden days) and played soccer left footed.
    After reading about half of the stories while visiting , my wife Mary surprised me with our own copy after we returned to sunny (albeit cold) Detroit.
    I recommend the book to everyone that wants to listen to me (which includes a few lefty relatives)