Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Eion, Complete With Epic Battles

It's near impossible for me to believe, but Eion is nine today. Nine! It seems like just yesterday, he was a wee thing and I was resisting leaving the hospital and going home to an infant and two toddlers. (You can go back to the archives for that. It was quite a time.)

In anticipation of today, we had his party on Sunday. Now, I am well versed in 8 and 9 year old boys. I was totally smart enough not to have this affair at my house. Instead, we had at Splash Valley, a local pool/indoor water park. E was totally stoked in the days leading up to the party and by that morning, was ready to burst. Apparently, this was the case with many of his friends as well. Which might explain the violence.

We were told we had an hour in the party room and and hour in the pool. As long as it was not busy, I was told, we could probably get into the water early. When I walked in and saw the placement of the party room, I realized we were totally screwed.

Want to spend an hour in a small, loud room with these fellows?

The room had one wall of windows looking out onto the pool, which was where the group wanted to be. 

F dash dash dash.

As soon as the kids started coming in, and their parents left in haste, which I would have done as well, the fight club started. [12:30pm] They all started slapping each other and wrestling. In some of the pictures, you can actually see red handprints. Not to mention the climbing on the tables and jumping off. 

I did my level best to reign in the worst of it, but the kids were having a ball. Once we had them all in the, very loud, room, we moved on to cupcakes. [12:40pm]

That whole process took about 10 minutes. Now I had ten hyper, sugar filled boys. Well played Katie, well played.

Time to open gifts! [12:50pm]

It started in a (relatively) sedate way but quickly escalated to chaos. Ten more minutes down.

A full 80% of the gifts he received were weapons - nerf guns, nerf swords, crossbows etc. Upon seeing this, the boys all grabbed unwrapped, but still in their packages, implements of destruction and the epic battle began anew. They circled the room, beating the stuffing out of each other.

At this point, I threw myself on the mercy of the workers, pointing to the party room and the dynamic within, and begged for early entry into the waterpark. [1:05pm] Thank goodness, about five minutes later we were in.

After that, things were much better. 

Apparently, one of the parents knew someone who was at the pool that day. She described the kids being released from the party room as something akin to a tsunami. She asked, "So your son was at THAT PARTY?" Indeed, we had thrown THAT PARTY.

When we left, we asked E if he had a good time. It was, in his estimation, the best party ever.

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  1. Wow - I've done the pool party before (mostly with girls, granted) but they let them swim first! Seems kind of crazy to do it the other way (for all the reasons you hilarously describe!)