Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Metal Mouth

One look at E's teeth for quite some time left no question that he would end up in braces. It was just a matter of time. After our last check up, our Orthodontist let us know that we might want to consider a starter set of braces because while Eion wasn't ready for the big time, his front teeth were hideously crooked (my adjective,) and kids could be quite cruel (her adjective.)

We don't want to baby our kids but we are interested in saving them from unnecessary pain. And what the hell, we didn't need that $3,000 anyway.

Today was the big day and E was on the verge of tears. Understandable considering his last major dental work was done with yankers. But the promise of a slurpee and assurances from his sister, a braces vet, calmed him enough to go willingly.

A few painless blue braces later and he is on the road to straight teeth! Only years and thousands more dollars to go.

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