Sunday, February 2, 2014

Good Plans Gone All Puke-y

Yesterday we were supposed to attend a wrestling tournament in Franklin County (about 25 minutes away.) As Tim is working all weekend and Morrigan had a conflicting event (fencing,) this took some advance planning which included but is not limited to:

Pre register and pony up the $40 entry free
Arrange a babysitter to ferry Morrigan to fencing
Pack camera, water bottles, food for Saturday's adventures
Buy a movie on the ipad for entertainment*
Make sure to come home early from Supper Club so we can get up at 6:30am

*Note: I don't normally bring movies but this tournament was set up so that E had to weigh in between 7-8am and started wrestling at 9am. Maggie didn't weigh in until 9am and her matches started at 11am. Clearly, we were going to have downtime.

But I was ready to go! I woke up on time, showered and went to wake up the kids, at which point I found Maggie sick and saying she felt she was going to throw up.


Morrigan spent Friday barfing which lent credence to Maggie's claims. Not to mention, she was the driver behind attending at all and it didn't seem logical that she would be faking. Eion was not as excited and I didn't want to leave the sick kid home alone all morning so, change of plans, we were home for the day.

Not that I really took that much convincing. Maggie, on the other hand, is all fired up about wrestling and talks, already, about next season. She was bent that we are going from 3 practices a week to 2 for the month of February. After a few tournaments of seeing her get pummelled, I could do with another sport. Maybe cross country. Not to mention, since I didn't have to pay the sitter to drive Morrigan, we were only out a net $15.

For this year, we have another month of practices and one more meet. Then we'll see what the off-season holds for us.


  1. Love cross country... It may start at the crack of dawn, but it's over in a flash and then you have the rest of the day!

  2. goodness there are a lot of barfing kids on your blog! I only have to clean up dog barf.