Thursday, February 20, 2014

In Which E and I are Crafty

Somewhere out on the interwebs, I saw the cutest idea for Valentine's cards that had homemade heart crayons. When I showed it to Maggie, I was informed that Hannah did that last year and, anyway, she was going to make paper frog cards for her classmates. Translation: Mom, that is so last year! But Eion was on board and he and I commenced to crafting, a much feared endeavour around here. Let's just say that Pinterest can be a dangerous place for those lacking skill.

First, we found our mountain of old crayons and peeled a whole pile of them.

The we grouped by like colors, broke them up, and put them into silicone moulds. 

Bake at 250 degrees for about 20 minutes….

Let them cool, pop them out, et voila, heart crayons!

There was utter amazement all around that this worked. I printed out some cards that read "Color your heart out Valentine" and we were all set! Of course, the snow came and Eion did not feel the need to finish the project. After all, Valentine's Day was over. The fact that the parties were rescheduled held no weight with him at all and he balked the entire time. But with a fair bit of arm twisting, he did get them done. At least there was fun and love in the crayon crafting process.

Post Script: I forgot until after I posted this about Eion's reaction to the cards when he first saw them. He just looked at them with a furrowed brow and said, "But why do we want them to lose their hearts? They need them." The explanation that it was just an expression and it only meant to do something as much as you wanted didn't get anywhere with him. Ever my literal child, he just turned to me and said, "That message could be dangerous if they don't know." He may not intend to be, but he's a funny one.

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  1. Wow. I am uber-impressed with your crafty self! Those are super cute. We were all about the paper frogs here, too - both girls. Cheap and I didn't have to be involved - what's not to love?