Monday, February 24, 2014

Pinewood Derby

Once again, it was time for the Boy Scout Pinewood Derby. Naturally, Eion showed no interest in crafting a car whatsoever, resulting in us missing and of the workshops at which we could style a car built for speed. But a few days before the big event, E changed his mind and decided to put together an entry. A very block shaped, not particularly aerodynamic, entry.

Whatever. At least it was quite clear that he made his car completely on his own.

Built for speed?

It was a gorgeous day and the troop had arranged for a food truck to be there, making it a big picnic.

E and his buddies, all equally precocious.

Neither Margaret was especially thrilled to be there.

Eion's car was too heavy to race and he didn't want to remove the lego guys so we entered for show only. He was overly stressed about losing anyway so this just freed us up to watch, sans pressure.

Or so we thought.

They called him up to race "for fun." E desperately tried to beg off but couldn't escape.

Since his car wasn't supposed to be racing, we hadn't done anything to make it fast. In fact it didn't even make it to the finish line in either of the heats. Excellent. Eion was in tears.

I managed to twist some arms and let the other parents know that really, truly, it is ok if Eion doesn't race again (in the runners up bracket.) The amount of wrangling it took to opt out was high. In the end, Eion rallied and cheered on the other scouts. Honestly, it is exactly what we expected, a little joy, some tears and a slurpee to top it all off.

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